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Latest Issue of the Journal “Intercultural Education”

No. 56
Impact of COVID-19 on Intercultural Education 

Impact of COVID-19 on Intercultural Education

Takahashi, Tomoko

Mobility/Immobility and Mutual Assistance of Immigrants during the COVID-19 Pandemic: 
A Case Study of Support Groups in a Highly Concentrated Area of Immigrants in Kanagawa Prefecture

Tsuboya, Mioko

Online Intercultural Exchange Activities at Japanese Universities: 
Characteristics and Prospects of Intercultural Exchange before/during/after the COVID-19 Pandemic

Komatsu, Midori

Impact of COVID-19 on Japanese Outbound Students:
Focusing on Exchange Students’ Responses to a Questionnaire Survey

Nakano, Ryoko

Anxiety and Depression in University Life due to COVID-19: 
The Case of Chinese International Students in Japan

Huang, Meilan

Education in Japanese Weekend Schools under the COVID-19 Pandemic: 
Inclusion and Exclusion through Online Classes

Okamura, Ikuko, Konda, Yukiko, Shibuya, Maki & Sato, Gunei

How Japanese Parents Spent the Period of #LearningNeverStops: 
A Case Study of Japanese Parents of Taiwanese-Japanese Intercultural Families Living in Taiwan

Hattori, Miki


The Effects of “Japanese Language Pedagogy as Liberal Arts” for Multicultural Coexistence

Shiga, Reiko

Investigating Qualities/Skills Perceived as Necessary for University Career Counselors in Giving International Students Career Support

Sakai, Aya & Ikeda, Seiko

Difficulties Faced by Chinese Double-Degree Students

Zhang, Huiying

Understanding of Their Own Culture by Vietnamese Technical Intern Trainees through Cross-Cultural Contact with Japanese Culture

Okunishi, Yuri