About IESJ

About The Intercultural Education Society of Japan

The Intercultural Education Society of Japan, founded in 1981, is an academic and professional organisation based in Japan. With over 900 members, the Society is committed to the research and practice of education in a context where different cultures come together. Culture, of course, no longer represents only nation states, but also ethnicity, class, gender, generation, disability, and so on.

The Society has addressed a number of fundamental questions that have their origin in the very name of intercultural education. They include, but are not limited to the following:

Who uses the term ‘culture’, and for what purposes? Does the use of ‘culture’ itself lead to exclusion? How are the boundaries drawn between people with differences? Do those boundaries fuel inequality? How can differences best be used to connect different people? What kind of education is necessary to create a society in which people with different cultural backgrounds can contribute?

Let us together explore the possibilities of intercultural education research and practice.