Regulations on the Outstanding Presentation Award

  1. Name of the Award
    The award is named as the Outstanding Presentation Award of the Intercultural Education Society of Japan (IESJ).
  2. Aim
    The aim of this award is to encourage junior researchers to present their research and to improve the content of their research.
  3. Number of awardees
    The award shall be given to a limited number of presenters.
  4. Eligibility
    Conference participants who meet one of the eligibility criteria* and give individual paper presentations of individual research are eligible for this award.
  5. Selection procedure
    The Evaluation Committee for the Outstanding Presentation Award will be established. After selection by this committee, final decisions are made with the approval of the Board of Directors.
  6. Evaluation Committee
    The Evaluation Committee for the award consists of the IESJ directors (including the Chair of the Research Committee), appointed by the Chair of the Research Committee. The duration of the mandate is one year. This committee selects the winners of the Outstanding Presentation Award in accordance with the selection method and consults with the Board of Directors.
  7. Announcement of the results and prizes
    The decision made by the Board of Directors will be announced on the society website. The award will be presented at the annual conference, and additional prizes will be awarded.
  8. These rules shall be adopted by the Executive Board in accordance with Article 9 of the Constitution.
  9. The above regulations entered into force on 7 December 2013.


A presenter is eligible for the Outstanding Presentation Award if they meet one of the following criteria at the time of application:

  • The presenter is currently enrolled in a master’s or doctoral programme. 
  • The presenter has completed a master’s programme within 10 years from the date of the conference. (If they have completed more than one master’s programme, the last degree conferred will be considered.) 
  • The presenter has completed a bachelor’s programme within 12 years from the date of the conference in case they have not earned a postgraduate degree.

The period after the completion of the study programme is counted from the last day of the month in which the presenter completed the programme. For example, if they completed a master’s programme in March, the date of completion would be 31 March and they would be eligible to apply for the award until 31 March 10 years later.  The presenter must declare their intention to apply for an award when submitting the application for an individual paper presentation.