Procedures for Selecting the Recipients of the Outstanding Presentation Award

1. Selection procedure

  1. Prior to the conference, the Research Committee shall appoint two evaluators for each paper presentation. The evaluators must be members of the Intercultural Education Society of Japan (IESJ). Their appointment is based on a request from the Chair of the Research Committee and the agreement of the respective evaluators.
  2. Prior to the conference, the Research Committee shall inform the evaluators of the presenter, the title of the presentation to be evaluated and the method of evaluation.
  3. On the day of the conference, the evaluator shall carry out the evaluation on the basis of the evaluation criteria, using the prescribed evaluation form. The results of the evaluation shall be submitted to the Research Committee after the conference.
  4. After the conference, the Research Committee shall establish the Evaluation Committee for the Outstanding Presentation Award (hereafter ‘the Evaluation Committee’). The composition of the Evaluation Committee shall be in accordance with Article 6 of the Regulations for the Outstanding Presentation Award of the IESJ.
  5. The Evaluation Committee shall hold an assessment meeting to select the winner of the award. The results of the meeting shall be reported to the Research Committee.
  6. The Research Committee shall submit the results of the Evaluation Committee’s meeting to the Board of Directors for approval.

2. Evaluation and eligibility criteria

  1. The evaluator and the Evaluation Committee shall assess the individual paper presentations based on the following three criteria: 
    • Whether the viewpoint, methods and findings or practices of the research are original; 
    • Whether the research/practice is promising and has potential for future development; and 
    • Whether the presentation is expected to contribute to the research and practice of intercultural education.
  2. The following three aspects shall be assessed: 
    • Presentation at the conference 
    • Abstract of the presentation as published in the conference proceedings 
    • Hand-outs of the presentation