About IESJ

The Intercultural Education Society of Japan

The Intercultural Education Society of Japan, founded in 1981, is an academic and professional organisation based in Japan. With over 900 members, the Society is committed to the research and practice of education in a context where different cultures come together. Culture, of course, no longer represents only nation states, but also ethnicity, class, gender, generation, disability, and so on.

What's New

Information on forthcoming events and the latest news

Dec. 20, 2022Annual Conference
The website for the 44th Conference of IESJ held in June 2023 has been launched.
Nov. 9, 2022Seminars & Events
Information about seminars & events will be announced when available.
Nov. 8, 2022News
We have launched our new English language website.
Jun. 29, 2022News
We have renewed our Japanese language website. Our renewed English language website will be available at the end of October.